No Compromise in a Safe Staircase Design

Designing a staircase that meets state and local building codes requirements is challenging at times, especially when the customer insists on a particular “look”. This is when the builder’s expertise comes into play. Most customers have “unique” ideas as to the design of their staircase. Many offer pictures from magazines of a staircase that was built many years ago, before building codes were enforced. Designing a stair with these ideas can present problems with code compliance. A Non-Compliant staircase is an unsafe staircase.

Experienced stair builders with a full knowledge of the stair codes can usually adapt the customer’s design ideas into a safe code compliant stair. If this is not possible, the smart stair builder will walk away.

Building codes were established for the safety and protection of the public. loft stairs London Codes regulating stairway construction have made some changes over the years and have improved in practicality. The Stairway Manufacturer’s Association (SMA) is an organization dedicated to improving stair safety and maintaining a higher standard of stair construction. The SMA and its members have played a major role in research and testing; resulting in code changes that have drastically improved stair safety.

Through the efforts of the SMA, we have a better understanding of code applications and how we can integrate safety through code compliant design. We have conducted a number of studies such as Handrails Used by Persons with Disabilities and Understanding Graspability for example.

Customers expect a great looking staircase that is well constructed. The professional stair builder ensures that a stair not only looks good, but is also code compliant and above all, safe for everyone.

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